Creative Class: Assignment 6- asofterworld.2

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Creative Class: Assignment 4- Frame Study

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Creative Class: Assignment 2- Flares

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Creative Photography: Assignment 4, “asofterworld” project

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click here for a flickr slideshow of more!

project inspired by the work of emily horne and joey corneau at asofterworld

Creative Class: HDR

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Creative Class: Self Portraits

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“How We Are Hungry”

how we are hungry
for words and words and words and
these are the most best


i like barefoot life
but if i have to wear some
i guess these will work.

“never have i ever”

never drank coffee
at night before i met you
and now… well, just look.


“oh, my” i have said.
sometimes i do things because
…well, it seemed right then.

Creative Class: In Class Framing

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